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Showcase on Haileybury College

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Showcase on Haileybury College

Haileybury College Case Study

In the esteemed grounds of Haileybury College, where academic prowess converges with a legacy of sports excellence.

Durant Cricket embarked on a transformative journey that has redefined the landscape of cricketing aspirations. The collaboration between Durant Cricket, known for its innovation, and Haileybury College, renowned for its commitment to holistic growth, illuminated a visionary project. This project was not just about constructing a cricket practice facility; it was about crafting an arena where dreams intertwine with dedication.



The transformation of Haileybury College’s cricket facilities began with a meticulous approach to groundwork. Durant Cricket’s team left no detail unchecked when preparing the terrain and foundations. This phase ensured structural integrity, optimal performance, and player safety. The college’s canvas was carefully crafted, setting the stage for a project that would redefine their cricketing experience.



The surfacing phase at Haileybury College was where the project truly came to life. Durant Cricket’s technical expertise shone as they laid a specialist shockpad and tensioned the cricket surfaces with precision. This step guaranteed an exceptional playing experience, combining durability with player safety. Haileybury College’s cricketers now had a surface that could withstand the rigors of the game while minimizing the risk of injuries.



Safety was paramount at Haileybury College. To secure their cricket facility, Durant Cricket erected 2.4m high security fencing. This not only marked the facility’s boundaries but also underlined the college’s dedication to excellence and player safety. The fencing was the final touch, adding professionalism and security to a project that elevated the college’s cricketing aspirations.



During the netting installation phase, Haileybury College witnessed Durant Cricket’s unwavering commitment to precision and safety. The practice facility was enclosed with high-quality netting systems, a clear definition of the playing area, and a symbol of the college’s dedication to creating a secure cricketing environment. This phase wasn’t just about boundaries; it was about fostering a safe and professional setting for the sport.

Project outcomes:

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Outcome 1

The culmination of Durant Cricket’s partnership with Haileybury College has heralded a new era of cricketing excellence. The highlight of this transformative project is the creation of a cutting-edge, six-bay cricket practice facility that is set to redefine the college’s approach to cricket.

Outcome 2

This bespoke facility offers an array of benefits, from the meticulous design of the playing surfaces, engineered for consistent performance and player safety, to the state-of-the-art netting systems that not only provide precision boundaries but also ensure a secure and professional cricketing environment.

Outcome 3

Security was paramount, and Durant Cricket delivered with a 2.4m high security fencing solution that not only marks the facility’s boundaries but underscores the college’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its cricketing assets.

Outcome 4

What makes this project truly outstanding is its durability and long-term impact. Crafted with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, the facility is built to withstand the rigorous demands of cricket practice and play, ensuring that it remains a prized asset for years to come.

Outcome 5

Haileybury College’s revamped cricket facility is more than just a physical space; it’s a testament to Durant Cricket’s dedication to elevating cricketing experiences. It offers a platform where cricketers of all levels can sharpen their skills, fostering a love for the sport that will endure through generations, making it a legacy in its own right.

Haileybury's feedback

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Client feedback

“The six-bay practice area has far exceeded our expectations, providing meticulously designed surfaces that ensure consistent performance for cricketers of all skill levels. The advanced netting systems enhance precision and safety, creating a secure and professional environment.”

Client feedback

“Durant Cricket’s exceptional attention to detail is truly commendable. The addition of 2.4m high security fencing not only bolsters security but also imparts a sense of professionalism to the facility. The durability of the setup assures us of this investments longevity.”

Client feedback

“Thanks to this immense facility we eagerly anticipate witnessing countless generations of cricketers. In Durant Cricket, we have found not just a contractor but a partner who has delivered not just a cricket practice area, but a legacy for Haileybury College.”

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