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Here at Durant Cricket, we pride ourselves on being able to transform your indoor space.

Our surfaces are designed to offer optimal grip and bounce, allowing players to execute their shots with precision, facilitating a level playing field for both batsmen and bowlers. Moreover, our cushioned and loose-layed flooring minimizes the risk of injuries, enabling players to dive and slide without fear of harm. The controlled indoor setting also allows for year-round training and competitions.

We are also an official distributor and fitter of Gerflor surfaces. Head below to find out more about what we can do with your indoor surface.

Duraflex specialist cricketing surfacing by Durant Cricket offers a versatile vinyl surface meeting ECB criteria for ball bounce without the need for additional roll-down surfaces. Tested for durability, safety, and comfort, it provides over 45% force reduction, ensuring top-notch performance. With installation staff trained at Gerflor HQ in France, installations guarantee high-quality results.

Our DuraFlex surface accommodates for various sports and court markings, making it ideal for multi-use applications. Trusted by institutions like South Northumberland CC, Lancashire CCC, Winchester College, Loughborough University and more, Durant Cricket provides free budget pricing and site visits, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

With a diverse range of colors available, clients can customize their surface to fit their aesthetic preferences and branding. Moreover, Durant Cricket’s services extend to sub-floor preparation, ensuring a smooth and professional installation process.

Durant Cricket introduced the DuraWeave surface in late 2019, a permanent indoor solution perfect for cricket facilities. Combining a specialist woven carpet with the GeoPad shockpad system, it offers versatility with variations allowing for more spin or seam based on specific needs. Standard at 3.65m wide, it can be tailored to fit any length requirements.

The DuraWeave Surface has already made its mark with its debut installation at Millfield School, garnering positive feedback. Enquire below to discover how DuraWeave can transform your indoor space, providing a tailored surface to meet your cricketing requirements. With a 12mm Wilton Woven Surface and options for 6mm shock pads at both batting and bowling ends, it ensures both performance and durability for your facility.

Durant Cricket introduces Duratuft surfacing, a specialist tufted carpet designed as a cost-effective alternative to DuraWeave, ideal for clubs and schools with tighter budgets. Paired with the GeoPad shockpad system, it offers both affordability and performance, making it accessible to the majority of clubs.

With a 12mm Wilton Woven Surface and options for 6mm shock pads at both batting and bowling ends, Duratuft provides a tailored solution for indoor cricket facilities. The inaugural installation at PA Sports in Bury showcases its effectiveness, and further case studies are available for review. Enquire below to explore how Duratuft can transform your indoor space, delivering the perfect surface for your cricketing needs.

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