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Welcome to a realm of cricketing excellence, where the heart of the game is brought to life with precision and innovation. Durant Cricket’s Match Pitch Installation stands as a testament to our commitment to enhancing the sport. Imagine a pitch that transcends seasons, a space where all-weather use is not just a possibility, but a reality.

Our meticulously crafted match pitches are designed to ease your maintenance concerns, allowing you to focus on perfecting your game. Tailored to cater to juniors and seasoned players alike, these pitches create an ideal platform for skill honing and growth.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our match pitches seamlessly follow the contours of the square, eliminating those challenging edges and ensuring a playing experience that’s nothing short of exceptional. The porous aggregate base guarantees effective water drainage, while our premium tufted playing surface, laid on a shockpad, delivers hardwearing performance that meets the rigors of the game.

Durant Cricket’s Match Pitch Installation is not just about construction; it’s about crafting an arena where cricketing dreams flourish and the spirit of the sport thrives.

Discover a pitch that’s more than just turf – it’s a canvas for your cricketing aspirations.

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What is a match pitch wicket?

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Unveil the future of cricket with Durant Cricket’s non-turf cricket pitches. A non-turf cricket pitch is ingeniously crafted using artificial grass, replacing natural turf with synthetic prowess. This advanced surface, also known as synthetic or astro turf cricket pitches, redefines the essence of play.

The grass within these systems is meticulously designed with synthetic fibers, available in tufted or woven variations. Much like indoor carpets, this synthetic grass – often referred to as cricket ‘carpet’ – offers a consistent and resilient playing surface.

Beneath the carpet, a meticulously engineered system comes to life. This includes layers such as base and sub-base, pads, and porous materials – a collaborative effort that underpins the non-turf layer, delivering the impeccable performance you’d expect from a flawless natural grass pitch.

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Why a Durant Match pitch?

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    • Working to clients budgets
    • Porous systems
    • Hardwearing specialist surfacing
    • Crease lines, including Junior
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    • In-house installations
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Why a Durant Match pitch?

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Graphics | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier   Geo Cricket Systems design and install non turf cricket pitch systems using a range of surfaces over the top of our Geo Layers performance base. The unique characteristics create a realistic and safe environment for players to develop their skills. Individual needs can be easily incorporated and design flexibility allows for most requirements to be catered for.

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