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Case study on PA Sports new indoor centre

Case study on PA Sports Indoor Centre

PA Sports Academy & Indoor Centre

PA Sports, located in Bury, recently underwent a remarkable transformation with the installation of a state-of-the-art indoor centre. The facility, equipped with four spacious bays,  has redefined the area so that its suitable for sporting activity.

Our installation team conducted a site visit to PA Sports in mid-December, showcasing our proactive approach to project planning and problem mitigation. This pre-construction visit is a standard practice at Durant Cricket, where we prioritise on-site assessments to engage with Club/School members, anticipate challenges, and meticulously plan logistics. The visit to PA Sports played a pivotal role in coordinating and strategising the seamless execution of the entire project, ensuring top-notch quality across all aspects, from surfacing to netting, simultaneously.

This case study explores the journey that transforms from converting a former mill, into a dynamic indoor centre, showcasing the processes we have taken in order to turn PA Sports space into an operating cricketing heaven. This case study further highlights the possibilities of existing infrastructure. The conversion reflects a strategic decision to re-purpose the area into a modern, dynamic space for cricket enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Foundations, shock padding and Non-turf surfacing

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The choice to incorporate shock padding into the installation process stemmed from a profound acknowledgment of its proven efficacy in upholding performance standards, prioritizing safety, and extending the overall lifespan of the facility.

The implementation of shock padding serves a dual purpose by not only alleviating the wear and tear on the facility but also acting as a crucial safeguard against the gradual deterioration of foundations. Beyond its structural benefits, shock padding introduces a vital cushioning effect to the playing surface. This impact-absorbing quality significantly diminishes the stress on players’ joints and muscles during gameplay, notably reducing the likelihood of injuries, especially those that commonly affect the knees and ankles.

Following the successful installation of shock padding, our subsequent focus transitioned to the implementation of a specialised non-turf surface designed specifically for indoor bowling. This tailored surface not only enhances the overall playing experience but also complements the shock pad’s protective features. Our team meticulously executed this phase, ensuring the seamless integration of the specialist indoor non-turf surface, further solidifying the foundation for an optimal cricketing environment at PA Sports.

Graphics | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier   Watch us install the foundations and non-turf surfacing at Merchant Taylors’ School.

Both projects in PA Sports, Bury and Merchant Taylors’, Northwood were similar in their methods of surfacing.

If you wish to read more about Merchant Taylors’ case study then visit the link: https://www.durantcricket.co.uk/showcase-on-merchant-taylors-school/


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The subsequent stage in the project centered around the installation of the netting system. Due to spatial constraints at PA Sports, a strategic decision was made to opt for 2×2 nets, resulting in a 4-bay configuration. This choice aligns seamlessly with their envisioned usage of the facility, catering to the demand for lane bookings. The facility offers advanced amenities such as a bowling machine and video analysis recording, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

Our meticulous netting installation process at PA Sports involved several key steps. Firstly, we identified and marked attachment points on the ceiling, ensuring they were securely anchored to the building’s structure to withstand the weight and force of cricket balls. Subsequently, we expertly suspended the netting from these designated ceiling attachment points, ensuring proper stretching and secure fastening to guarantee durability and safety.

As part of the process, we positioned the netting to define clear 3-meter-wide batting lanes and the designated bowling area. This thoughtful arrangement not only optimised the usage of available space but also accommodated the facility’s comparatively lower ceilings, demonstrating our adaptability in addressing unique spatial considerations.

4. Markings, Final touches and Completion

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In alignment with our commitment to precision in every installation, our team proceeded with the delicate task of applying markings for each lane. Employing our specialised white paint, specifically crafted for quick drying and resistance against gradual friction, ensuring durability against regular use.

Following additional meticulous cleaning, which involved thorough hoovering to eliminate any lingering debris or dust, and the final attention to any remaining scaffolding, the installation was successfully concluded. The achievement of completing this project, from the initial site visit in mid-December to the finalization on 1st February, stands as a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment. Despite our warehouse and offices being centrally located over 3 hours away, the dedication and efficiency of our team played a pivotal role in the timely and successful completion of the PA Sports facility.

5. Conclusions

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The facility’s potential to offer substantial value and entertainment to the local community is unmistakable, making the grand opening bestowed upon it by MP James Daly and former Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed well-deserved. The evident positive impact this space is poised to have on the community, coupled with the recognition from prominent figures like MP James Daly and the esteemed ex-Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, further underscores the significance of the facility and its potential to become a focal point for both sporting and community activities. The grand opening ceremony was a fitting celebration of the transformation from a previously unused space to a vibrant hub of possibilities.

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