As part of our recent visits to clubs that have had new facilities from us this season, we headed to Peterborough Town Cricket Club where we recently installed a long awaited and much needed electronic scoreboard.

In this video club Chairman Brian Howard speaks about what it means to the club and how it completes the facilities the club already has.

Q: How did you first hear about Durant Cricket?

 We’ve known Cristian from Durant Cricket for some time, way back he used to play here and and we’ve always kept in touch through the local cricket community.

 Q: What were the projects?

We’ve wanted to upgrade our scoring facilities here for some time, and a new electronic scoreboard was always an ambition for the club.

 Q: When did the club begin speaking about it?

This project has been on the cards for years, however much like other clubs we needed to prioritise other facilities before we could focus on the new scoreboard.

Q: How did you fund the project?

It was a combination of small grant funding which we applied for and received from Cricket East, sponsors contributed and our sports club also helped with the necessary funds.

 Q: How does the installation of the new scoreboard benefit the club?

 First of all it looks great and is highly visible from the square in all light conditions, making it easy for the umpires and players to see the score which is great.

Our old scoreboard used the old cord pull system, which was fine while it lasted, however as our club plays Premier League cricket as it’s top level on a Saturday, we felt that having an electronic scoreboard was a must for us as our facilities should reflect the standard of cricket we play.

Q: How satisfied are you with the finished job?

We’re delighted with the work from start to finish from Durant Cricket.

 Q: How professional were the Durant Cricket team?

 Very good, from being on site when they said they were going to be there, to commissioning and signing off the job to us, their team were a pleasure to work with.

Q: Did they meet your clubs expectations?

Yes, everything we asked for was accommodated and the installations were completed in time and to budget.

 Q: Would you recommend Durant Cricket to other cricket clubs?

Yes, we would recommend to Durant Cricket to any cricket club looking to improve their facilities.