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Unlock a new dimension of versatility with Durant Cricket’s state-of-the-art Retractable Netting Systems. Designed to transcend the boundaries of traditional sporting spaces, these innovative systems offer unparalleled flexibility. Imagine a single space seamlessly transforming to accommodate a myriad of sports and activities. Our retractable nets, ingeniously engineered, can be effortlessly retracted and stored, opening up possibilities that were once confined by spatial limitations.

A testament to durability, our retractable netting systems feature steel posts concreted securely into the ground, providing steadfast support for every endeavor. The nets themselves, attached to tension wires, ensure not only a robust structure but also exceptional functionality.

Whether it’s cricket, football, basketball, hockey or a range of recreational pursuits, Durant Cricket’s Retractable Netting Systems revolutionize the concept of space utilization. Elevate your sporting arena and redefine the possibilities that unfold within it.

Durant Crickets Retractable Netting Systems

Ayutthaya Kingdom | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

Welcome to the realm of versatile sporting environments crafted by Durant Cricket’s Retractable Netting Systems. These systems redefine the functionality of your space, allowing for seamless transitions between various sports and activities. Our solution revolves around the durability and stability of steel posts firmly grounded in concrete. These posts form the backbone, offering steadfast support for the netting framework.

The ingenious network of tension wires complements the steel posts, creating a reliable structure that facilitates the effortless retraction of nets. This transformation is designed to unlock the potential of your space, transitioning from cricket practice to other pursuits without a hitch.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond netting and posts. We meticulously outline surfacing groundworks specifications, ensuring the foundation itself is prepared to meet the demands of your sporting aspirations. It’s a holistic approach that ensures your sporting space is primed for excellence.

At Durant Cricket, we believe in enhancing the functional aspects of your environment, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the sport.

Discover the art of adaptability with Durant Cricket’s Retractable Netting Systems.


Practice Facilities options include

  • Onsite consolation
  • Assistance with funding
  • Bespoke quotes
  • Working to clients budgets
  • Porous systems
  • Superior netting systems
  • Hardwearing specialist surfacing
  • Training lines and crease lines
  • Security fencing
  • Honest Warranties
  • Project management
  • In-house installations

Natural Side Retractable Netting System

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Durant Cricket has introduced an innovative netting system that addresses key concerns related to flexibility, safety, and ease of use on cricket pitches. One of the standout features of this system is its complete flexibility, allowing non-turf areas to be utilised to their full potential. The absence of uprights within the playing area not only enhances the overall flexibility but also significantly improves safety by reducing the risk of collisions and creating an unobstructed playing space.

The netting system adopts a fully enclosed tunnel configuration, utilizing high-quality knotted netting. Each standard bay has dimensions of 3.6m in width, 4m in height, and 24m in length. However, recognizing the diverse needs of cricket facilities, we offer customization options for width and length, providing a tailored solution for your different requirements.

A crucial aspect of the system’s design is the use of steel uprights sunk into concrete. These sturdy uprights serve as a robust support structure, allowing wires to be tensioned across the play area. The incorporation of a unique torque winch ensures consistent tension across all bays, contributing to the stability and effectiveness of the Natural Side Retractable Netting system.

Durant Cricket’s commitment to user-friendly design is evident in the net locking system, which enables easy and secure attachment of the nets from ground level. This eliminates the need for additional ropes, streamlining the setup process and enhancing overall convenience for users.

Recognising the importance of a comprehensive service, we offer a full design and installation package for the netting system, personalised to the customers specific requirements and dimensions. This ensures that the system is implemented correctly, meeting the specific needs of each cricket facility.

We recently installed a Natural Side Retractable Netting System at Nottinghamshire Cricket Club, if you wish to view our case study or find out more information then click here to read more.


Ayutthaya Kingdom | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier
  • Fully enclosed tunnel netting systems in high quality knotted netting.
  • 3.6m wide bays 4m high and 24m long as standard.
  • Other width and lengths available.
  • Steel uprights sunk in to concrete allow the wires to be tensioned across play.
  • Unique torque winch allows tension to be consistent across all bays.
  • Net locking system allows nets to be secured from ground level with no need for ropes.
  • Full design and installation service available.
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A world of possibilities with Durant Cricket’s MUGA’s. The foundation of our retractable netting systems lies in robust steel posts, meticulously concreted into the ground, an anchor for sporting endeavor.

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