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Practice Like a Pro: Experience the Convenience of Home Cricket Nets.

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Elevate your cricket game and hone your skills with our exceptional home cricket net installations. Our tailored solutions offer the perfect opportunity to transform your backyard into a cricket haven, allowing you to practice anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re a novice looking to perfect your swing or a seasoned player aiming to conquer the pitch, our top-notch home nets cater to all skill levels. Unleash your cricketing potential with precision, power, and performance as you practice like a pro in the comfort of your own space. Experience the convenience of personalized training that meets your unique needs. Discover the joy of unlimited cricket practice hours and take your game to new heights with our expertly designed home cricket net installations.

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What is a garden installation?

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A garden cricket installation refers to a purpose-built setup that transforms your outdoor space into a cricket haven, offering an ideal platform for cricket enthusiasts to practice, train, and enhance their skills. This comprehensive installation typically comprises a net enclosure, pitch markings, and often accommodates advanced features such as the inclusion of a bowling machine. This equipment allows players to fine-tune their batting techniques and reflexes by simulating various types of deliveries at controllable speeds and angles.

A garden cricket installation serves as a convenient and accessible solution for cricket lovers of all proficiency levels. It allows players to engage in focused practice sessions right in their own backyard, overcoming the limitations of time and unpredictable weather conditions. From novices aiming to develop fundamental skills to seasoned cricketers seeking continuous refinement, this setup offers an immersive and controlled environment for honing both batting and bowling prowess.

Imagine spending leisurely hours perfecting your cover drive or mastering your off-spin delivery, all within the confines of your personal cricket sanctuary. With a garden cricket installation, these aspirations become tangible reality. Elevate your game, build confidence, and nurture a profound connection with the sport as you benefit from structured training and unhindered access to cricket practice. Whether aspiring to be the next cricket sensation or simply enjoying the thrill of the game, a garden cricket installation empowers you to unlock your cricketing potential and revel in the joy of cricket, right in the heart of your own outdoor space.


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Durant Cricket's Garden Installations Process

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Step 1

Site Preperation

Initiate the process by thoroughly clearing the designated garden area. Remove any debris, plants, or obstacles to create a clean canvas. Prioritize a level surface that promotes effective drainage to avoid water accumulation. Precisely mark the edges of the future pitch and use an edging tool to cut along the markings, defining the playing area.

Step 2

Base Construction

Delve into the next phase by excavating the marked garden space to the appropriate depth. Once the excavation is complete, compact the soil to ensure a stable foundation. To facilitate proper water drainage, introduce a porous aggregate base that promotes quick water runoff. This step is crucial to maintaining the pitch’s integrity over time.

Step 3


With the groundwork established, proceed to lay a specialist shockpad designed for garden cricket installations. This shock-absorbing layer is paramount for player comfort and safety, especially in a home setting. Once the shockpad is in place, meticulously lay the hardwearing specialist surfacing. This durable surface is specifically crafted to endure extended play sessions and fluctuating weather conditions.

Step 4

Pitch Markings

As the surface takes shape, use precision tools to mark the essential lines for training and gameplay. Ensure accurate placement of training lines and crease lines according to cricket regulations. By adhering to these specifications, you’re creating a garden cricket pitch that mirrors professional standards, offering an authentic practice experience at home.

Step 5

Finishing Touches

Complete the installation process by leaving the garden cricket pitch area in impeccable condition. This involves meticulous tidying to create an inviting practice space. A comprehensive inspection is undertaken to guarantee the pitch’s stability and safety, addressing any potential concerns and ensuring a secure environment for play.

Step 6

Project Completion

To wrap up the project, we equip you with maintenance guidelines tailored for home garden installations. These instructions empower you to uphold the pitch’s longevity and quality for years to come. Our commitment extends further through transparent warranties, providing you with assurance and confidence in the lasting value of your home garden cricket net installation.

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