Founded in 2007, Durant Cricket continue to increase, adapt and modify their product range so they provide cricket clubs with exactly what they need.

A huge part of Durant Cricket’s way of doing business is to create ongoing relationships with clubs.

“I suppose what we aim to do is supply a club, create a good rapport with them, provide a good service and that allows us to provide them with another service year on year,” Cristian Durant, company founder explains.

“That makes us different to quite a lot of companies that just do one thing, we’re not going in there selling one thing and then coming away again we’re literally trying to provide an ongoing service.

“Most cricket clubs have something on a wish list one year, they raise the money, they buy it, they get a grant then go onto the next thing – we hope to be able to continue to keep servicing them with those products year on year. “

Passion for the game is something that Cristian and his team have in abundance and they transfer that passion to their work, which they feel is really important when it comes to working with clubs – big or small.

“We are very passionate about what we do, having played club cricket to a high level I’ve seen it all the way from top to bottom,” he says.

“We provide a very good level of service, my mobile phone is on 24/7 and I think that gives people a bit of comfort the fact that they can give somebody a call out of hours.”

Being able to get hold of somebody at Durant at any time is hugely important – Cristian doesn’t want any club to ever feel like they are being left to fend for themselves.

“A lot of people deal with club cricket stuff outside of work hours and we try to get back to people as quick as possible.

“We are trying to provide value for money for cricket clubs who are trying to provide a good product at a reasonable price which allows them to provide better facilities for everybody really.”