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Showcase of 22 Yards Cricket Centre, Gloucester

22 Yard Cricket Centre

The New 22 Yard Cricket Centre, Gloucester

Approximately a month ago, Durant Cricket embarked on a substantial installation project at what is now recognised as The 22 Yard Cricket Centre. This specialised Centre, dedicated to cricket enthusiasts, has been meticulously designed and is managed by individuals deeply motivated by the world of cricket. The initial idea for the facility stemmed from a persistent frustration with the lack of specialised cricket facilities, not only in Gloucestershire but throughout the entire nation. 22 Yards stands as a facility equipped to replicate in-game scenarios, achieved through a combination of the founders’ ideologies and personal experiences, then matched by our expert insight.

Start to Finish of 22 Yard Cricket Centre

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Graphics | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier   Congratulations to the entire team for their outstanding effort in swiftly completing this installation! It’s remarkable that the facility was completed in just 10 days.
Triple Bay Netting System
A 3 bay netting system installed with each lane having plenty of width to maximize freedom when batting.

The three-bay retractable netting system enables players to bat without the immediate netting surrounding them, providing an experience similar to a game scenario, batting outside the confines of a net. This feature is facilitated and possible by the facility’s enclosed nature, ensuring that the ball remains within the premises, safeguarding against any potential damage to infrastructure, safeguarding against any potential damage to infrastructure.

Fielding Area
Flexible and multi-purpose area that can be used as an extended bowlers run-up as well as a specialist fielding area due to the innovation of our specialist fielding turf.

Our versatile extended run-up areas, doubling as ideal spaces for fielding drills, are rapidly gaining popularity. Offering practice areas with diverse capabilities adds significant value to cricket centers like 22 Yards. It enhances the appeal for summer camps, club training sessions, and school programs, providing additional selling points that cater to a wide range of training needs. Also, our specialist fielding turf limits injuries and severity of impact when falling.

Research suggests that our DuraWeave surface (Previously DCI Pro Surface) is our closest replica to a top class in-game wicket.

Bringing the outdoors indoors, DuraWeave facilitates realistic practice sessions at any time. It delivers a true and consistent bounce, mimicking outdoor match conditions effectively. The specialized flooring caters to both batters and bowlers alike. We offer customizable variations in the system, allowing for adjustments in spin or seam according to specific requirements. With a standard width of 3.65m, we can manufacture DuraWeave to your desired length specifications.

Our lighting installed offers over 1500 lux levels meaning all players using the facility are receiving the lighting quality for professional level

Our lighting service stands as a critical component in the construction of indoor cricket centres. It’s not just about brightening up the space; it’s about creating an environment where players can perform at their best. By meticulously designing lighting solutions that eliminate shadows, minimize glare, and evenly distribute light across the playing surface, we ensure that every movement is visible and every action is clear. This not only enhances player performance but also safety.

1. Foundations, shock padding & Lighting

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On February 26th, the foundational work and installation of shock padding for the 22 Yard Indoor Centre commenced. At Durant Cricket, the decision to incorporate shock padding has become standard practice for the majority of our installations. This is attributed to shock padding’s recognised reliability in preserving performance, ensuring safety, and prolonging the lifespan of the facility.

Shock padding serves multiple crucial purposes. Not only does it mitigate wear and tear on the facility and safeguard foundations against long-term deterioration, but it also provides essential cushioning. This cushioning effect is invaluable as it helps reduce the impact on players’ joints and muscles during play, significantly lowering the risk of injuries, particularly those affecting the knees and ankles. This aspect is of paramount importance, especially considering 22 Yards’ commitment to hosting young training camps and accommodating high-performance cricketers like Gloucestershire’s 1st team, who frequently utilise the facility for training sessions.

After completing foundational work at 22 Yards, the next crucial step was ensuring optimal levels of brightness and evenly spread illumination throughout the indoor cricket centre. This step is essential for various reasons, including enhancing player visibility for accurate ball tracking, facilitating video analysis for performance evaluation, improving the spectator experience by eliminating visual hindrances, ensuring player safety by minimizing hazardous conditions, and maintaining consistency across different playing surfaces and training areas within the facility.

2. Installment of Netting

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Following the foundational work, the installation of netting marked the subsequent stage of progress at 22 Yards. This included setting up a three-bay net system inside what is an enclosed practice area, complete with extended run-ups, which serves a multifunctional purpose fielding practice area. Whilst the netting is beginning to be installed the facility starts to take shape, the physical boundaries of the playing area start to expand then the facility’s versatility comes to light.

3. Further protection & Backstop Netting

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Due to the uneven ceilings of the facility, adjustments were necessary to adapt the dimensions of the practice areas. To address this challenge, our manufacturing team at Durant Cricket’s warehouse constructed a protective steel and netted structure. This structure was specifically designed to safeguard the building’s interior structure from any potential damage. With our own on-site welders and fabricators, we possess the capabilities to produce equipment tailored to effectively address such issues. The framing structure also facilitated the ideal location for installing backstop netting, effectively segregating the batting lanes from the rest of the facility. This created a secluded and dedicated area perfect for fielding training drills.

4. Surfacing & Non Turf

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The next phase of our project at the 22 Yard Cricket Centre involved the installation of our specialized non-turf surfaces and flooring. This crucial step entailed meticulous planning and precision execution to ensure that the surfaces met the correct dimensions and required specifications desired for the facility, optimizing performance and durability. Our team carefully laid out each section of our DuraWeave surface, ensuring a seamless and uniform finish across the entire playing area. The specialized flooring was chosen for its renowned reputation, in addition to the surfaces ability to withstand the rigors of intense cricketing activities, further providing players with the necessary traction and stability.

5. Line Marking

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Finally, following precise measurements, meticulous installation, and thorough verification of the nets, our team delicately marked each lane at the 22 Yard Cricket Centre. We opted for specialized white paint, specifically designed to dry quickly and withstand gradual friction, ensuring durability against regular use and potential impacts from fast bowlers like those from Gloucestershire CCC.

Along each bay, creases were meticulously painted from the batting end to the bowling end. Simultaneously, we conducted comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, and quality checks throughout the entire facility before concluding our installation on the 6th of March, meaning we had completed the installation in just over a week! Our rigorous approach and care to detail was taken to ensure that every element met the highest standards, creating a top-tier environment in anticipation of the upcoming grand opening of the cricket facility on Saturday 9th March.


22 Yard Cricket Centre

Ayutthaya Kingdom | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

If you'd like to contact, visit or book a lane hire at the 22 Yard Cricket Centre, simply click the link provided below to access their website. For additional footage of the facility, you can explore numerous videos and pictures available on Durant Cricket's and 22 Yards' social media channels.

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