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Our latest video screens mark innovation in match scoring technology, surpassing some of the limitations associated with electronic scoreboards. With modular dimensions tailored to suit the specific needs of Clubs/Schools, our new video screens offer unprecedented flexibility. These cutting-edge screens don’t just display scores; they integrate a host of features designed to enrich the experience for players, spectators, and officials alike. From advanced scoring capabilities to customizable layouts, our innovative screens have endless possibilities.

Graphics | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier   Here is an example of some of the graphical intricacies and engagements our video screens can demonstrate. Our video screens possess the capability to transform a Clubs/Schools spectator and playing experience drastically.

Enhanced Statistics Display: The video screens provide detailed statistics that can be displayed in various formats that go beyond what is typically seen on a standard electronic scoreboard. In addition to basic scoring information such as runs, wickets, and overs, they can display advanced metrics like run rate, strike rates, partnerships, and player-specific stats.

Animated Graphics: Another standout feature of Durant Cricket’s video screens is the incorporation of animated graphics. Dynamic visuals when paired with the video screen add a form of additional excitement and engagement to the scoring and spectating experience. These graphics could include animations for boundaries, wickets, milestones, and other key moments in the game which have been input via PCS Pro (Play Cricket Scorer Pro).

Laptop Control: As previously mentioned, our video screens are strictly PCS Pro operated meaning that they are purposed with ease of use in mind so that not only can the basics of our video screens be controlled by scorers but also fellow players or spectators depending on each clubs or games individual scenarios. The system can only be controlled via a laptop, but this still provides flexibility and ease of use for operators. This allows for real-time updates and adjustments to the displayed information, ensuring accuracy and relevance throughout the match.

Playback Video Capability: Another remarkable aspect of our video screens is their playback video capability. This feature allows clubs and schools with MV Play live-streaming capabilities to showcase replays of significant moments during the game. Whether it’s a stunning catch, a crucial wicket, a magnificent six, or a batting/bowling milestone, spectators can relive the action in high definition on the video screen.

If you have additional questions regarding our new video screens or would like to learn more about the potential for your Club/School to unveil our latest technology, please feel free to reach out to us. You can either fill in the form below or click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button located at the bottom of the page to request a quote via the Durant Shop. We look forward to assisting you further!

Showcase on Shrewsbury School's new Video Screen

Shewsbury School was the first institute to embrace our cutting-edge video screen technology. The installation process was swift, spanning only a few days. We began by renovating our old scorebox, which had been initially installed at the school by ourselves a decade ago and was once considered the pinnacle of cricket scoring. However, with advancements in technology, it was time to usher in a new era. The revamped scorebox now boasts a modern aesthetic, infused with updated technology designed to serve the club for decades to come.

During the installation, various scoring formats were meticulously tested and seamlessly executed. The scoring was conducted in a demo format, emulating the intensity of an England vs Australia match. As depicted in the pictures, the system flawlessly displayed different scoring metrics, showcasing its versatility and reliability.

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