Duralock Fencing

Duralock Fencing

Duralock fencing is one of the strongest and most durable fences on the market, the perfect choice for a range of purposes and suitable for sports clubs and schools. Its pleasant and simple design matches the look of traditional cricket fence boundaries, and its white colour helps it to seamlessly blend in with any existing décor. It's also a safe option, with rounded surfaces and concealed fixings, the risk of injury is lower with Duralock fencing.

The fence is constructed from PVC-u, which withstands heavy use without cracking or breaking. Additionally, it has built in UV protection, preventing it from peeling under sun exposure. Because Duralock fencing is made from PVC-u, it is far less likely to distort or break over time, providing reliability and longevity, making it a very cost-effective choice for a long-term installation. This fencing is the perfect choice for those looking for a low-maintenance, safe and stylish installation.


  • Made from PVC-u formulation (with impact modifiers)
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Has Ultraviolet inhibitors that protect it from the sun
  • Duralock fencing will not warp, split, peel or splinter
  • Smooth, rounded surfaces and concealed fixings result in exceptional safety
  • Duralock’s patented, award-winning design makes it simple to install
  • Maintenance-free once installed – no nails, painting, rotting posts or cribbed rails
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How Duralock Fencing Works

Getting Duralock fencing begins with requesting a quote from us, so you can let us know your exact needs.

Once you have reached out, we will perform a site visit to get the exact dimensions for your fencing to ensure it is perfect. From here, we handle the entire effortless installation process for you, ensuring that your fencing is stable and secure for long-term use. We use this opportunity to address any concerns that you might have and perform last quality checks to guarantee that the fencing is installed securely.

Once we have installed it for you, you're ready to go. Duralock fencing is maintenance-free, requiring no additional work to uphold it once it's been installed.

Duralock Fence
Boundary Marking

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