Every club wants to be the best they can on the pitch and many are now realizing that a similar approach to their facilities and equipment can also reap dividends.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and a well-kept ground, a new scoreboard and smart sightscreens and covers can certainly help make a good one – even if they might not get you any bonus runs or wickets.

“It’s becoming a competitive world out there with club cricket, people are looking around, kids are going to places with the best coaches and facilities,” Cristian Durant, company founder of Durant Cricket, says.

And that competitiveness means that those clubs that don’t push on may subsequently be unable to attract new members, young or old, and therefore could struggle to keep going in the future.

“Things like scoreboards and covers only enhance the ground; you walk on there and think ‘These guys mean business, they’ve got all the kit and they really do want to improve,’” Durant adds.

Naturally, Durant Cricket are in an excellent position to help any club make that excellent first impression or give their ground equipment a boost. Indeed, over the years, the team at Durant have helped hundreds of clubs, supplying them with quality ground equipment that both performs as it should and lasts.

If you want to get ahead as a club, then Durant can help, whether you need a sightscreen, coaching equipment, scoreboards, cricket cages or pavilion clocks. Plus, Durant even have package deals available to give you every bit of help they possibly can.

“I think it’s about being forward thinking,” Durant advises.

“It is competitive. You do want to attract players and get people in.

“You want them to want to come to your ground because you have the best stuff there.”