We recently completed the installation of two electronic scoreboards, and the refurbishment of an indoor cricket facility at Billericay Cricket Club in Essex.

Once all the work was completed, we sat down with Michael Owens from the club and had a chat about the two projects to find out a little more about why they chose Durant Cricket, how they funded the projects and what having a new scoreboard and refurbished indoor facility means to the club.

Q: How did you first hear about Durant Cricket?

I did a Google search looking for cricket equipment suppliers, and found the Durant Cricket website on the first page, we made contact through email, from which we had a very quick response and we were able to arrange a site visit really quickly so we could discuss what we wanted to do.

Q: What were the projects?

We wanted to upgrade our two old manual cricket scoreboards with new electronic scoreboards and to completely refurbish our indoor cricket nets and floor.

Q: When had the club had begun speaking about it?

The scoreboards project had been part of an ongoing discussion between the club and the committee for 3-4 years, the indoor nets started to raise concerns a couple of years ago as the nets had large holes and gaps in places and the floor surface wasn’t specifically made for cricket.

Q: How did you fund the project?

We managed to successfully claim back funds that we’d overpaid in council tax the previous year, which meant the scoreboards were almost self funding as we’d budgeted in the coming year for these payments too.  The indoor cricket centre refurbishment was funded through an application the club had put into the Veolia Environmental Trust grant scheme.

Q: How does the installation of the new scoreboards benefit the club?

The new scoreboards deal with a number of ongoing issues we had with the old ones, such as regular maintenance, new digit sourcing and replacement and issues with the manual scorebox mechanisms.

In addition, professional and enthusiastic scorers now have the very latest technology to score the game more easily and effectively as the scoreboards now connect to the latest ECB Play Cricket Scorer App & Pro versions.

Also when we have to score the games ourselves players don’t have to be in the scoreboard as they can score the game from anywhere on the ground.

The indoor nets refurbishment has meant that we’ve been able to keep open a facility that had begun to become unsafe and not fit for use.

This facility is a vital income stream for the club, as we hire it to external coaches to use for their private coaching, and a large amount of members and community groups use the nets, so having it finished to a high standard and now being dedicated to cricket practice is a great benefit to everyone in the local area.

Q: How satisfied are you with the finished job?

Very happy, both scoreboards look very professional and they have a real high quality finish, and the indoor practice facilities have been completely transformed.

Q: How professional were the Durant Cricket team?

From initial contact through to finishing off the work and commissioning the scoreboards, the Durant Cricket staff were very good to work with at all times.

Q: Did they meet your clubs expectations?

Yes, everything we asked for was accommodated and the installations were completed in time and to budget.

Q: Would you recommend Durant Cricket to other cricket clubs?

Yes, we would recommend to Durant Cricket to any cricket club looking to improve their facilities.