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The BOLA Junior is based on the world famous Bola bowling machine and has many of its functions, like the Selective Random Mode which can deliver varying length and speed of deliveries which offer a more realistic match based batting experience. It allows junior cricketers of all ages to be able to practice their batting & fielding skills, just as seniors have been able to for the last 30 years, with a machine which has been specifically built with their needs in mind.

It bowls a lighter ball (3oz) which are softer and a more realistic half way house between soft and hard ball cricket, which means all age groups can benefit from using the BOLA Junior.

Because BOLA Junior will deliver accurate and reliable deliveries at speeds that young cricketers are likely to encounter, it helps to develop the batting skills of all players of all age groups as they can consistently practice every type of which cricket demands from front foot defensive to the most attacking pull and hook shots.

BOLA Junior is also happy delivering tennis balls, which can be used for the youngest of players to benefit from using the machine, but also makes a great way for all young cricketers to practice short pitched deliveries with more confidence.


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