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Poles made from 75mm box section galvanised steel. Delivery and installation by quotation.

Size Out of GroundPrice
6m£383.52 + VAT
5m£365.51 + VAT
4m£347.73 + VAT
3m£329.71 + VAT

*Prices above are per post and ground socket, post advised to be spaced 10m apart i.e. 40m = 5 posts – Netting is also required at £1.65 per square metre, some guide prices for an entire system including poles and netting are below:

5m high 40m wide (allow approx 5% extra on the width for fixing and drape, so circa 42m wide, with 300mm excess on the height 5.3m high)

£367.29+VAT for netting + £1827.55+VAT for the poles/sockets

Permanent systems require a site visit and quotation before accurate pricing can be provided and our install team can carry out the work.


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