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NB The Home Academy is sold as package item with two options as described. To purchase products separately, please go to individual product pages.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for parents to encourage budding cricketers to enhance and perfect the cricket skills at home without the hassle or costs in cement or concrete civil work.

The 2G Flicx cricket pitch is unique in that it can be used on most ‘Firm’ and ‘Flat’ surfaces including short cut grass which means that within 2/3 hours you could have your very own Home Cricket Academy installed and ready for play in your garden.

  • 2G cricket pitch can be rolled up and stored away during winter months.
  • Product is weather proof (sun and rain) so can be used as a permanent fixture
  • Grippy surface of 2G Flicx pitch encourages good Pace and Bounce as well as seam and spin movement
  • Grass can grow through the pitch, therefore garden lawn is not damaged
  • Maintenance is minimal, when used on grass a weekly mow is needed
  • Available in two options:  Junior- 6m pitch and cage, Senior- 12m pitch and cage… includes crazy catch and stumps


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