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Designed as a professional system which can be easily dismantled once the cricket season is over. Ideal where permanent sockets are not an option.

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Bay configuration can be made up of 6m long sections, with each bay designed to be 4m wide.

  • 50mm square mesh netting complete with interval sleeves which can be easily installed onto uprights
  • Turf screw ground sockets with caps included
  • Uprights to be installed at 6m intervals
  • Uprights are manufactured from 50mm diameter, 3.2mm thick aluminium and polyester powder coated black
  • Uprights measure 2.7m high out of the ground and come complete with M8 hooks for additional net tension
  • Each 4m back net has full length velcro end panels allowing easy attachment to the back uprights
  • Can be configured between 1 and 6 bays wide, and 6m, 12m, 18m or 24m long.

Unless you already have one, don’t forget to purchase a turf screw insertion tool which is vital to install this system. 


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1 bay 6m long, 1 bay 12m long, 1 bay 18m long, 1 bay 24m long, 2 bays 6m long, 2 bays 12m long, 2 bays 18m long, 2 bays 24m long, 3 bays 6m long, 3 bays 12m long, 3 bays 18m long, 3 bays 24m long, 4 bays 6m long, 4 bays 12m long, 4 bays 18m long, 4 bays 24m long, 5 bays 6m long, 5 bays 12m long, 5 bays 18m long, 5 bays 24m long, 6 bays 6m long, 6 bays 12m long, 6 bays 18m long, 6 bays 24m long