Replacement Puncture Proof Wheel

£25.00 Exc. VAT

Introducing our Puncture-Proof Replacement Wheel for our mobile wicket covers. Engineered with durability and convenience in mind, this wheel ensures seamless mobility and long-lasting performance for your cricket pitch protection.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our puncture-proof wheel is designed to withstand the rigors of constant use on various playing surfaces. Say goodbye to flat tires and unexpected downtime during crucial matches or practice sessions. With our replacement wheel, you can trust in reliable performance every time. Installation is quick and straightforward, allowing you to get back to the game without delay. Compatible with most mobile wicket cover models, our replacement wheel is a versatile solution for cricket clubs, schools, and recreational facilities.

Upgrade your mobile wicket cover today with our Replacement Puncture-Proof Wheel and experience unmatched durability, reliability, and convenience on the cricket pitch.


  • Puncture proof
  • Foam filled tyre
  • Available in fixed and swivel style
  • Use over a wide variety of terrains
  • Absorbs bumps and vibration while maintaining ground contact over uneven surfaces
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Hard wearing, Economical design
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What Is A Wicket Cover?

In cricket, wicket covers are essential for protecting the pitch and equipment from adverse weather. These covers come in different types, such as flat sheets, roll-on/roll-off covers, and raised covers, each suited for specific needs and conditions.

By shielding the pitch from harsh weather, particularly rain, wicket covers help keep the playing surface dry and ready for action. This protection ensures consistent pitch behavior, which is vital for both batting and bowling.

Additionally, wicket covers guard against excessive sunlight, preventing the pitch from drying out too much. Overall, wicket covers are indispensable for preserving the quality and playability of a cricket pitch.


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