Bungee Rope Retaining Clip

£65.00 Exc. VAT

Introducing our replacement bungee rope 100m coil for our mobile wicket covers.
Our bungee rope is designed to clip onto to the guttering of our mobile wicket covers by the retaining clips, to ensure that the wicket cover sheet is pulled taught across the metal frame, so no rain can get through and to protect the equipment.

The elastic bungee cord allows for flexibility and adjustability, ensuring a snug fit while accommodating different sizes and shapes of objects. Alongside the bungee retaining clips, we have found that bungee rope offers a convenient solution for securing items to the mobile wicket cover guttering without the need for permanent fixtures or tools.

Our bungee ropes come in 100m coils, and are the perfect add on to our mobile wicket covers, as all of our clips and add ons are manufactured specifically with Durant Crickets' wicket covers in mind.


  • Bungee rope 100m coil.
  • Premium quality, waterproof material.
  • Designed to attach to the mobile wicket cover guttering.
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What Is A Wicket Cover?

In cricket, wicket covers play a vital role in shielding the pitch and equipment from harsh weather conditions. Available in various forms including flat sheets, roll-on/roll-off covers, and raised covers, each type serves distinct purposes tailored to different requirements and weather conditions.

Wicket covers play a crucial role in protecting the pitch from adverse weather conditions, particularly rain, to preserve a dry and game-ready surface. This shielding is essential for maintaining consistent pitch conditions, which are paramount for optimal batting and bowling performances.

Additionally, wicket covers act as a barrier against excessive sunlight, preventing the pitch from drying out excessively. This additional function underscores the essential role of wicket covers in maintaining the quality and playability of a cricket pitch.

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