Duralock fencing

Duralock fencing is renowned for its strength and durability; it is ideal for the varied uses that all sports clubs and schools  might have – the PVC-u construction withstands heavy use without cracking or breaking, whilst the built-in UV protection means that it won’t peel in the sun.

The Strong PVC-u formulation (with impact modifiers) provides incredible strength.

  • Duralock has durable Ultraviolet inhibitors that protect the PVC-u from the sun.
  • Duralock fencing will not warp, split, peel or splinter.
  • Duralock is Safe – the smooth rounded surfaces and concealed fixings of the system make Duralock fencing exceptionally safe.
  • Duralock’s patented, award-winning design makes it simple to install.
  • Duralock is maintenance-free once installed – no nails, painting, rotting posts and cribbed rails
Picket 2 Rail Fence 2m Lengths X 750mm High
Picket 2 Rail Fence 2m Lengths X 900mm High
Picket Gate