Standard Electronic Scoreboards

Standard Electronic Cricket Scoreboards

A lot of clubs and schools are now looking for an electronic scoreboard solution for their grounds and cricket playing venues. Durant Cricket are experts in installing both bespoke and standard electronic scoreboards and have successfully installed them at clubs and schools all over the UK and Ireland.

Here’s the benefits:

    • Having an electronic scoreboard eliminates the need to manually change the scores by hand.
    • Our broad range of electronic scoreboards, have been installed across the UK and Ireland, from Schools, county grounds, and village greens.
    • Our standard electronic scoreboards are available to Schools and clubs all year round.
    • At Durant Cricket we offer a unique bespoke service. Our scorebox conversion service means as long as your institution has an existing manual score box or score hut, we can optimise it to an electronic option.

We also offer:

    • 5 year digit warranty.
    • 10 year parts availability.
    • Service contract available.
    • Nationwide service availability.
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
    • Long standing reputation, established for over 15 years in the scoreboard industry.

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Click through the features below to see firsthand what makes a Durant Scoreboard so unique. Our electronic scoreboards have been installed, tried and tested in all corners of the United Kingdom, and further!

Graphics | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier  Smart Scorehub 

All our standard range of electronic scoreboards can now be operated from our new smart scorehub, eliminating the need for a scoreboard specific remote control.

The smart scorehub enables the scoreboard to be operated directly from:

1. Play-Cricket Scorer Pro on a laptop.

2. Play-Cricket Scorer App using the bluetooth connection on both mobile phones and tablet devices.

Read more here.

Graphics | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier  Personalisation & Artwork

If you wish to personalize your scoreboard with your club or school’s branding, this is now entirely possible thanks to the new technologies we’ve recently acquired. We have extensive experience creating customized scoreboards, regardless of their dimensions or power setup. Whether it’s one of our smaller or larger scoreboards, with a few high-resolution files provided and your correspondence, we can tailor it to feature your specific branding. more…

READ MORE about what we require from you for Personalisation & Artwork

Graphics | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier  Power Options

We have a diverse range of power options for each and everyone of our scoreboards to suit every Club or Schools demands.

Mains Powered – Trusted and reliable. Easily accessible for the majority of Clubs or Schools, provides all the power a scoreboard needs.

Battery Powered – a 12V Lithium Ion battery, perfect for mobile, maneuverable scoreboards that are located on a trolley, helping to access charging points to regenerate battery capacity.

Solar Powered – Our newest power option, the proclaimed future of scoring, our environmentally friendly, sustainable scoreboard that requires little maintenance.


9 Digit Scoreboard with 10″ digits


15 Digit Scoreboard with 10″ digits

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18 Digit Scoreboard with 10″ digits

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19 Digit Scoreboard with 10″ digits

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22 Digit Scoreboard with 12″ digits


28 Digit Scoreboard with 12″ digits

Skegness CC
DC Pro Scoreboard

64 Digit Scoreboard with 12″ digits

Scoreboard Trolley

Ideal for school and club use

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DC Rep

The DC REP repeater scoreboard mirrors the score shown on the main scoreboard.


3 Digit Scoreboard with 12″ digits

Coming Soon
PCS Pro Connection Lead

Control your Durant Scoreboard with the PCS Pro connection cable!

PCS Bluetooth ScoreLink Box

The ScoreLink can seamlessly integrate with your current LED Scoreboard.

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