Sight Screen Plastic Centred Wheels

£35.00 Exc. VAT

Our selection of Sight Screen Wheels is designed to enhance the functionality and mobility of cricket sight screens, ensuring precise and stable positioning on cricket grounds of all sizes. Whether upgrading existing equipment or outfitting a new venue, our sight screen wheels deliver the reliability and performance needed for an optimal cricketing experience.

We offer two robust styles: Steel-Centred and Plastic-Centred wheels.The steel-centred wheels provide exceptional strength and durability, making them ideal for professional cricket grounds where they withstand rigorous use and harsh weather conditions. The plastic-centred wheels, while still highly durable, offer a lighter, more cost-effective option without compromising on quality or performance. Both types ensure smooth manoeuvrability, allowing sight screens to be quickly and efficiently adjusted between overs and innings.


  • Sight screen wheels with a solid rubber tyre
  • Plastic centred (for Durant screens sold since 2022) 350mm x 80mm
  • Both options above will fit any Durant sight screen, but please be aware that if for example you currently have 4 plastic wheels, replacing only 1 with a steel wheel will mean your screen will be lopsided.
  • Please contact us to ensure compatibility if you have sight screens from another supplier.
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What Is A Sight Screen In Cricket?

In cricket, a sight screen is a large, usually white structure positioned at the field's boundary behind the bowler's arm. Its purpose is to offer a clear, uncluttered background for the batsman, improving their ability to see the ball as it approaches. This contrast allows the batsman to accurately judge the ball's speed and trajectory, thereby increasing their chances of making successful shots.

Traditional sight screens are made from canvas or mesh material stretched over a frame, providing a stable background that enhances ball visibility and helps batsmen focus on the bowler's delivery. Positioned at both ends of the pitch, these screens ensure consistent visibility for batsmen in various environmental conditions. While we offer mesh material cricket screens, our sight screens are crafted from PVC, providing enhanced durability and a solid backdrop for batsmen.

Durant Cricket offers a variety of sight screens known for their quality and reliability. With hundreds of our sight screens sold across the UK and beyond, choosing one of our PVC sight screens is the right decision.



At Durant Cricket, we take great pride in our sight screens, engineered to endure intense practice sessions. Prioritising durability, our sight screens are built to withstand the demands of rigorous training, consistently delivering reliable performance every time you step onto the pitch.

All our ground gear is produced in-house at our 10,000-square-foot on-site factory, ensuring the highest standards of quality. We emphasise the use of sustainable materials and conduct thorough quality checks to provide added assurance.

Our sight screens are crafted for durability, featuring premium-grade steel frames galvanised in-house, two full-length bracing bars, and thick PVC slats. Additionally, we offer various custom-designed support brackets for seamless integration, available separately for spares and repairs.

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What Does A Sight Screen Do?

Check out our video from our owner explaining what a sight screen is and what they're used for, alongside a product demonstration of our range of sight screens, available at Durant Cricket.

We also have lots of case studies of clubs and schools using our sight screens, if you want to see more information about them, check out the link below!

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