PVC Sight Screen Lattes - Pack Of 5

£120.00 Exc. VAT

Our selection of PVC Sight Screen Lattes is crafted to provide excellent visibility and durability for cricket sight screens, ensuring clear sightlines and long-lasting performance. Whether enhancing an existing setup or installing new sight screens, our PVC lattes are the perfect choice for maintaining optimal playing conditions. Our PVC sight screen lattes are designed for easy installation, fitting seamlessly into standard sight screen frames, making replacements and upgrades simple.

We offer our PVC sight screen lattes in two versatile colours: Black and White. The black lattes provide a strong contrast, ideal for bright sunny conditions, ensuring the ball remains visible to batsmen and spectators alike. The white lattes offer a classic look, perfect for overcast days or evening matches, maintaining excellent visibility against darker backgrounds. Both colours are designed to withstand various weather conditions, retaining their appearance and functionality over time.


  • Pack of 5
  • Available in white or black
  • Please contact us to confirm compatibility if your sight screens are from another supplier.
  • Durant Cricket will deliver on one of our vans as courier options are not available for consignments this long. We will deliver when next passing your area which could be a few weeks, please contact us if you need this item quickly.
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What Is A Sight Screen In Cricket?

In cricket, a sight screen is a large, usually white structure placed at the field's edge behind the bowler. Its job is to provide a clear background for the batsman, making it easier to see the ball as it comes towards them. This helps the batsman judge the ball's speed and direction better, increasing their chances of hitting it successfully.

Traditional sight screens are made from canvas or mesh material stretched over a frame. They provide a stable background that makes the ball easier to see and helps batsmen focus on the bowler's delivery. Positioned at both ends of the pitch, these screens ensure consistent visibility for batsmen in different weather conditions. While we offer mesh cricket screens, our sight screens are made from PVC, making them more durable and providing a solid backdrop for batsmen.

Durant Cricket offers a range of high-quality and dependable sight screens. With hundreds of our PVC sight screens sold across the UK and beyond, opting for one of our products ensures making the right choice.



At Durant Cricket, we're proud of our sight screens, meticulously crafted to withstand intense practice sessions. With a focus on durability, our sight screens are designed to meet the demands of rigorous training, ensuring reliable performance every time you step onto the pitch.

All our ground gear is produced in-house at our 10,000-square-foot on-site factory, ensuring the highest standards of quality. We emphasise the use of sustainable materials and conduct thorough quality checks to provide added assurance.

Our sight screens are built to last, boasting premium-grade steel frames galvanised in-house, along with two full-length bracing bars and thick PVC slats. Additionally, we provide a range of custom-designed support brackets for effortless integration, available separately for spares and repairs.

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What Does A Sight Screen Do?

Feel free to watch our video featuring our owner discussing the purpose of sight screens and demonstrating our range of products available at Durant Cricket.

Explore more about how clubs and schools have benefitted from using our sight screens by checking out the link below for case studies and additional information!

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