4M x 4M Sight Screen Mesh Material

£6.95 per square meter Exc. VAT

Our 4 x 4m Mesh Material is the ideal choice for constructing cricket sight screens that offer both excellent visibility and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, this mesh material provides optimal airflow while maintaining a solid barrier against wind and debris. With a size of 4 x 4 metres, it offers ample coverage for standard-sized sight screens, ensuring comprehensive protection for players and spectators alike.

Installation of the 4 x 4m Mesh Material is straightforward, with reinforced edges for easy attachment to sight screen frames. The material is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to handle during installation while still providing robust protection against wind and other elements. Once in place, it requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on the game without worrying about the integrity of your sight screens. Choose Durant Cricket’s 4 x 4m Mesh Material for a reliable and durable solution that enhances the safety and enjoyment of cricket matches for players and spectators alike.


  • Excellent material for clubs that make their own sight screens.
  • Hemmed and eyeleted.
  • Black or White colour option
  • Made up to any size at £6.95 + VAT per square metre.
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What Is A Sight Screen In Cricket?

In cricket, a sight screen is a large, typically white structure located at the field's boundary behind the bowler's arm. Its purpose is to provide a clear, uncluttered background for the batsman, enhancing their ability to see the ball as it approaches. This contrast helps the batsman accurately judge the ball's speed and trajectory, thereby increasing their chances of making successful shots.

Traditional sight screens are typically made with canvas or mesh material stretched over a frame, providing a stable background that enhances ball visibility and helps batsmen focus on the bowler's delivery. Positioned at both ends of the pitch, these screens ensure consistent visibility for batsmen regardless of environmental conditions. While we offer mesh material cricket screens, our sight screens are crafted from PVC, offering enhanced durability and a solid backdrop for batsmen.

Durant Cricket offers a variety of sight screens known for their quality and reliability. With hundreds of our sight screens sold across the UK and beyond, choosing one of our PVC sight screens is the right decision.



At Durant Cricket, we take great pride in our sight screens, which are engineered to endure intense practice sessions. Prioritising durability, our sight screens are built to withstand the demands of training, consistently delivering reliable performance every time you step onto the pitch.

All our ground gear is produced in-house at our 10,000-square-foot on-site factory, ensuring the highest standards of quality. We prioritise the use of sustainable materials and conduct thorough quality checks to provide added assurance.

Our sight screens prioritise durability, crafted from premium-grade steel frames galvanised in-house, featuring two full-length bracing bars and thick PVC slats. Additionally, we offer various custom-designed support brackets for seamless integration, available separately for spares and repairs.

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Cricket Mesh Sight Screen

Check out our video showing you how we put together your mesh material sight screen, and learn how you can assemble and disassemble the sight screen yourselves.

Lots of clubs have found these mesh material sight screens a useful addition to their cricket pitches, as they provide the flexiblity a lot of smaller grounds need in being able to move and take down their sight screen if required.

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