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This includes ease of use, visual accuracy & visibility, portability and placement (extremely lightweight design) and best of all pricing. The scoreboards also cost substantially less than all other current and antiquated scoreboard systems.

No more fumbling with numbers or trying to slide difficult digits across. Clever Score Modules are easy to read and are changeable in an instant through their simple and revolutionary self locating design. Made from lightweight, durable and fade resistant ABS plastic our Modules are long lasting hard wearing units that require no maintenance and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Clever Score Cricket Scoreboards come in a range of standard designs or if you prefer, we can custom design your scoreboard to suit your requirements.

Clever Score Modules are attached to a space age alloy composite product which offers strength and incredible low weight benefits (75% lighter than traditional plywood!). Being a composite material there is also total resistance to weathering and water damage unlike timber or metal scoreboards. Why not check out our electronic scoreboards.

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