V Pro Elite Training Net


The V Pro Elite Training Net is an innovative cricket training aid designed for cricketers looking to improve their footwork, timing and batting power, whilst strengthening their ability to play in the V. Simple to assemble, the V Pro Elite is ideal for cricketers of all skill levels and ages, including first-class players! Its generous angle provides batsmen with ample space to execute a diverse array of shots. If you're looking for something smaller, the V Pro net may be more suited to you.

The Aero V Pro Elite Training Net contains a free standing steel frame, with a durable and flexible half netting to allow for a full swing when battnig. The Pro Elite also comes with a 156g cricket ball attached by a cord and a carry bag for easy transportation. The V Pro elite can be used indoors and outdoors, so is a great way to train alone at home, but also a great tool for cricket coaches to provide one-to-one coaching in a more confined area.


  • Width 2.5m x Length 2.7m x Height 2.4m
  • Free standing steel frame and  half net
  • 156g training ball
  • Durable carry bag
  • Rubber feet for a stable base
  • Suitable for players of all ages and skill levels
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be used on any surface, indoor or outdoor
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V Pro Training Net


The V Pro, a cutting-edge cricket training tool, is crafted for solo practice to foster and fortify batting skills within the "V" zone.

How The V Pro Training Net Works

Here's an exciting video from The V, showcasing how their product can enhance training drills for cricketers. This demonstration offers valuable insights into the practical application of the tool, illustrating its effectiveness in honing cricket skills. Whether it's mastering batting techniques or improving agility on the field, this video provides a glimpse into the versatility of the product for young players.

By following along with these training drills, aspiring cricketers can maximise their practice sessions and elevate their game to the next level.

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