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Breaking Boundaries: Durant Cricket’s DuraFlex Vinyl Flooring Receives ECB Stamp of Approval

Breaking Boundaries: Durant Cricket's DuraFlex Vinyl Flooring Receives ECB Stamp of Approval

Easy, fast sustainable installation guaranteed. No glue! 


Innovative Textile Backing: Ensures superior stability and durability.

P2 Category: Tailored for high-performance and safety, making it ideal for clubs, competitions, and educational spaces.

CXP-HD Foam: Provides optimal performance and safety standards.

D-Max Construction: Offers exceptional durability and outstanding dimensional stability.

Unique Protecsol Triple-Action Surface Treatment: Enhances slide and grip, easy to maintain, and promotes a friction-burn-free surface.

Wide Range of Colours and Designs: Allows for floor customization to suit various preferences.

MyTaraflex Innovative Service: Provides the option to create unique sport halls.

Glue-Free Application: Facilitates easy, fast, and sustainable installation.

Exceptional Bonding with Tarafix SL Holding Strip: Matches the quality of glued Taraflex for added durability.

Resistant to Humidity Rises: Ideal for damp subfloors, eliminating the need for vapor barriers.

Quick Drying Time: Eliminates the waiting period for slab drying, ensuring time-effectiveness.

No Additional Moisture Barriers: Saves on labor and material costs.

Unmatched Bonding Strength: Enhances durability and overall performance.

Glue-Free Installation: Respects the environment and installer health.

Recycled Textile Backing: Utilizes 2,000 recycled bottles for an 800-sqm court.

Easy Removal with Tarafix SL Holding Strip: Enables easy recycling or reuse.

European Manufacturing: Low CO2 footprint.

TVOC after 28 Days < 100µg/m3: Ensures indoor air quality.

100% REACH, Formaldehyde-Free: Prioritizes health and safety.

100% Recyclable: Supports a second life for the product.

Multi-use/cricket functionality: Perfect surface for a multitude of purposes.

Variety of colours: Mint green officially ECB approved, however other colours are also available.

Accommodates court markings and creases: Perfect for Schools or Clubs alike, multiple court markings ensuring a range of sports playable.

Free budget pricing and site visits: Free consultation and site visit to ensure transparency and communication through every step of installation.

DuraFlex receives ECB Approval

Ayutthaya Kingdom | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

We are delighted to share a momentous achievement in our indoor surfacing endeavors. Durant Cricket’s “Duraflex” specialist cricketing surfacing has been granted full approval by the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board). This milestone reaffirms our credibility and pronounces our dedication to providing exceptional quality and performance to cricket clubs/schools as well as multi-sports facilities throughout the UK.

What sets our Duraflex surface apart is its ability to meet the stringent criteria set by the ECB for ball bounce, all without the need for a roll-down surface. This vinyl surface not only meets the highest standards for cricket but also accommodates a variety of other sports, making it a versatile choice for schools, clubs, and sports centers.

At Durant Cricket, quality is paramount. Our installation staff undergo rigorous training, ensuring that every installation is executed with precision and care. Duraflex flooring is renowned for its durability, safety, and comfort. With over 45% force reduction, it offers unparalleled comfort for users without compromising on performance. Our range of colors and designs allows for customization to suit any environment, whether it’s a school gymnasium, club facility, or sports centre.

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Ayutthaya Kingdom | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

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We’ve proudly installed Duraflex flooring in top UK schools, clubs, and sports centers, including prestigious venues like South Northumberland CC and Lancashire County Cricket Club. Our commitment to quality and performance ensures that each installation exceeds expectations, providing a safe and reliable surface for cricketers of all levels.

Case studies

Millfield School | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

April 15, 2021

Showcase on Millfield School

Opened in Spring 2020, the Millfield Indoor Cricket Centre is a world-class facility. Following the build process, Durant Cricket worked with Millfield Director of Cricket, Mark Garaway, to complete the fitting out of the facility.

Net Session | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

April 17, 2021

Showcase on Nottinghamshire CCC's Lady Bay Sports Club

In 2020, we completed work with Nottinghamshire CCC at their Lady Bay Sports Club training facility. We provided Notts with a bespoke netting system, designed to allow complete flexibility with the layout of the netting lanes. The project has transformed the facility.

Peterborough Town | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

July 9, 2018

Showcase on Peterborough Town CC

As part of our recent visits to clubs that have had new facilities from us this season, we headed to Peterborough Town Cricket Club where we recently installed a long awaited and much needed electronic scoreboard.


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