2016 will be Durant Cricket’s seventh year of involvement with NatWest Cricket Force, offering products at a discounted rate to those taking part.


What is NatWest Cricket Force?

NatWest Cricket Force – run by the England & Wales Cricket Board and NatWest – is a nationwide initiative aimed at clubs and the rejuvenation of club cricket facilities.

Held every Spring, its goal is to bring clubs and communities together and ensure clubs are ready for the start of the season.

While club members, volunteers and administrators play a leading role, star players get involved as well, whatever the weather. It is perhaps the only time of year you will see former and current England captains helping out building a pavilion, mending a fence or painting a sightscreen!

How do Durant Cricket get involved?

For Durant Cricket, the values of Cricket Force – creating a sustainable future for clubs in the UK – align very closely with their own.

“We’ve been involved with NatWest Cricket Force for six years now, and we offer a range of our products at a discounted rate to Cricket Force members,” explains company founder Cristian Durant.

“All the prices are published on the website are very clear about the discounts we give to Cricket Force clubs and we try to keep them updated, through the cricket force database, of special offers and things we have going on,” he adds.

And so far, so good, for both Durant and the clubs taking advantage of the offer.

“It’s worked very well for us.

“What you find is that organised clubs do look to get involved with it,” Durant confirms.

Showcase clubs

The ECB pick a handful of clubs that they showcase every year when Cricket Force comes around and these are the ones to which leading players will show up.

Durant says that getting involved on these big days with showcase clubs is a very worthwhile experience.

“We’ve always been involved on the showcase days, going round to the clubs and providing them with help and support and we’re very pleased to be involved with it.

“It’s a grass roots thing at the end of the day and that’s where we are, so that’s what we want to do.”