Cricket Covers

Cricket Covers

For any cricket groundsman, keeping the ground dry but still healthy is a challenge that is faced regularly and it can be the difference between a game being played, or not. At Durant Cricket, we offer two main types of crickets covers: mobile cricket covers and flat sheet cricket covers.

Flat Sheet Cricket Covers

Our flat sheet cricket covers offer waterproof protection for your playing square, and their semi-translucent style allows UV rays to pass through, to ensure the ground is kept healthy.

Our flat sheet cricket covers come in 6 sizes and 2 different weights, so there is an option for every club’s requirements.

SizeCounty 200GSMTest 350GSM
1 Wicket 25m x 4m£250.00 + VAT
Delivery £30 + VAT
£450.00 + VAT
Delivery £30 + VAT
25m x 6m£375.00 + VAT
Delivery £40 + VAT
£675.00 + VAT
Delivery £45 + VAT
2 Wicket 25m x 8m£500.00 + VAT
Delivery £40 + VAT
£900.00 + VAT
Delivery £45 + VAT
3 Wicket 25m x 12m£750.00 + VAT
Delivery £50 + VAT
£1,350 + VAT
Delivery £60 + VAT
4 Wicket 25m x 16m£1,000.00 + VAT
Delivery £60 + VAT
£1,800 + VAT
Delivery £60 + VAT
Bowlers run up sheets
2 x 12.5m x 4m
£250.00 + VAT
Delivery £25 + VAT
£450.00 + VAT
Delivery £30 + VAT

Mobile Cricket Covers

Our mobile cricket covers have been recently developed and now measure 24 metres in total, in order to cover more of the bowler’s run-ups as well as the square. These dome-shaped cricket covers are completely manoeuvrable by one person, which allows you to keep the pitch as dry as possible, with minimal effort.

Our mobile cricket covers are manufactured to order, comprising three lightweight units which are easy to put together, so you can put your new mobile cricket cover to use quickly.

Our mobile cricket covers are also available in a few different colour options – green, white and blue, with the option to add a sponsor’s logo too. If you require a different colour option to the ones mentioned above, let us know.

How are the mobile cricket covers made?

Our mobile cricket covers come in two parts, the chassis and the cover tops. The chassis consists of 2mm folded steel and an arch support system is created from 25mm tubing, which is galvanised to prevent rust. Ridge poles strengthen the structure, which provides more protection from the elements and plastic moulded bungee fixings offer more protection from the threat of rust. The cover tops are made from 610 gsm heavyweight material with a welded flap for joining the two units.

Your set of mobile cricket covers will come with 75 metres of tricoflex hose and other spare parts, such as extra hoses, are available from stock. You can also add optional extras to give your cricket covers even more protection, such as bowlers’ run-up sheets and wicket protection. A 10-year steel guarantee also comes as standard and the tyres are foam-filled to prevent against punctures.

How much do our mobile cricket covers cost?

It’s always best to get in touch with us for an accurate price, but our prices are usually as follows:

7.31m units £3,350.00 + VAT
8m units £3,550.00 + VAT

Our prices include the delivery and installation of your cricket covers unless you are based in South Wales, Scotland, or on the South Coast.

Some of the benefits of the Durant mobile cricket covers are that each unit can easily be manoeuvred by one person. The chassis consists of 2mm folded steel with a galvanised finish.

25mm tubing is used to create an arch support system, with a galvanised finish to guard against rust. The cover tops are made from 610 gsm heavyweight material, with a welded flap to join between the units. They can be supplied in green white or blue and the sponsor’s logo can be incorporated if required.

Each set of covers comes with 75 metres of tricoflex hose. Spare parts and extra hoses are available from stock.

Side Sheets and Bowlers Run Up Sheets

Side sheets and bowlers run up sheets are attached to the mobile cricket covers to increase coverage.

The package includes:

  • 2 x 10m x 3.66m bowlers run up sheets.
  • 2 x 25m x 3.66m side sheets.
  • Hardware to allow easy fixing.
  • Covers are green in colour with hem re-enforcement, eyelets and pulling handles.

How much do our side sheets and bowlers run up sheets cost?

Side sheets and bowlers run up sheets and hardware – £700.00 + VAT

Side sheets and hardware – £500.00 + VAT

Delivery – £30 + VAT

Why Use Cricket Covers?

If a cricket square is wet, it can cause a lot of difficulties and delay to the game. Having cricket covers to hand can be the difference between a game being played or not.

By using cricket covers at your club, it’s very likely that you will be able to play more games than if you didn’t have them – something that both players and spectators will appreciate.

Mobile cricket covers are largely used for their manoeuvrability, which means they can be introduced easily if a spell of rain hits during the game. Subsequently, when the rain stops, they can be quickly moved from the pitch and play can be resumed in a matter of minutes.

A common worry among cricket groundsman is keeping the ground healthy and this is all about striking the right balance. By using a mobile cricket cover, you can keep the ground waterproof, as well as still allowing air and UV rays to hit the surface – all of which will contribute to a healthy, playable cricket ground.