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Here at Durant Cricket, we specialise in cricket ground equipment – that includes scoreboards, cricket covers, and cricket sight screens, providing equipment mainly to grass root cricket clubs.

Our extensive product range also includes netting, mobile cricket covers and coaching equipment such as fielding aids and bowling machines.

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Cristian Durant founded Durant Cricket in 2007. After playing county cricket between 1996 and 2001, he wanted to stay in the game in some way.

“I got to about 25/26 and realised I had to get a job like everyone else, but carried on playing club cricket after that at all sorts of levels, right down the bottom up to premier league and minor county level,” he explains.

Cristian still plays at club level and is heavily involved in managing his local club and that helps him assess what clubs need.

“I’m chairman of a cricket club in Rutland, called Ketton Cricket Club, getting involved in all the different bits and bobs of a cricket club there which isn’t dissimilar to all the cricket clubs we visit around the country really.

“We’ve got our own issues and things we need to improve on and it gives good insight into the day to day challenges.

“It’s alright saying ‘you know about this and know about that’ but actually sitting in those meetings asking ‘How are we going to do this or that?’ gives me a good insight into how cricket clubs work.”

Durant has used that experience to help him build the company to a point where we now supply clubs all over the UK and have partnerships with county boards, the ECB and other leading organisations.

“What I’ve found is because I’ve experienced all those different levels of cricket it gives you a real appreciation for what it’s like at the top, and how it’s laid out for you, then you come down to the bottom and it’s putting your own stumps out and pulling the boundary rope around.

“I like to think i have a fairly well balanced, well rounded view of where the club game is which does give me a really good idea as I’m going round.

“I’m visiting clubs in similar scenarios with top premier league clubs like big businesses and some of your real grass roots club with the village mentality and improving things from that end – I like to think we have a good idea of where we are.”

“On the website we’ve got some very good information videos, as well as some videos on how the products go together which gives some people some really good information on what they should do at the end of the season and also gives them a good idea before they buy of what they’re actually buying,” Cristian says.

“We’ve got some Google maps on there, so you can actually click on the scoreboards and covers and find out where we’ve installed hundreds of products over the years.

“So if you wanted to you could ring somebody at another club or nip down there and have a look, and actually see what you’re going to buy really, which we think is quite important.

“There is a lot out there, if you were charged with buying some covers and didn’t know anything about them it would be quite a daunting process.

“We’re just trying to make that easier for everybody.”

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Ayutthaya Kingdom | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

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Case studies

Millfield School | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

April 15, 2021

Showcase on Millfield School

Opened in Spring 2020, the Millfield Indoor Cricket Centre is a world-class facility. Following the build process, Durant Cricket worked with Millfield Director of Cricket, Mark Garaway, to complete the fitting out of the facility.

Net Session | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

April 17, 2021

Showcase on Nottinghamshire CCC's Lady Bay Sports Club

In 2020, we completed work with Nottinghamshire CCC at their Lady Bay Sports Club training facility. We provided Notts with a bespoke netting system, designed to allow complete flexibility with the layout of the netting lanes. The project has transformed the facility.

Peterborough Town | Durant Cricket | Professional Cricket Equipment Supplier

July 9, 2018

Showcase on Peterborough Town CC

As part of our recent visits to clubs that have had new facilities from us this season, we headed to Peterborough Town Cricket Club where we recently installed a long awaited and much needed electronic scoreboard.


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