While Durant Cricket supply a wide range of electronic scoreboards, they also have an impressive range of manual scoreboards available for clubs.

Durant’s Clever Score cricket scoreboard is a market leader, with high ratings for ease of use, portability, placement, visibility, and visual accuracy, boasting a lightweight design.

As an added bonus, they are also considerably less expensive than other scoreboards on the market.

No more will you have to struggle to move cumbersome number boards – thanks to the Clever Score system.

The easy-to-read modules are instantly changeable, they will last for a long time, and they are hard-wearing units that don’t require maintenance, meaning they can be used both indoors and outside.

There is a range of different designs available but they can also be designed specifically for your club.

The Durant Club Cricket option features runs, wickets and overs and this option weighs just 6 kilogrammes.

The Durant Stand Up Scoreboard is a lightweight design which makes it easy to move around and store. Featuring the same digits as the Club Cricket Scoreboard, this scoreboard also includes room to display the batting target.

There is also a full design and build service offered by Durant for all custom manual scoreboards with digits visible from 250 metres. Digits can be bought as singles for complete flexibility while custom lettering is another option available.