Excellent strength and manoeuvrability are two of the outstanding features of the Durant Pro Mobile cricket cage, making it a unique, quality cage.

It is designed with the needs of clubs in mind, as every club has to be able to practice outdoors and an easy to install, maintain and move cage is of huge benefit to them.


Design features

Built with quality at the forefront, the box section cage is designed and manufactured from a rectangular box section with a hot dip galvanised finish.

Included is a pulling bar – making the cage easy to move – and a 10-year steel guarantee is provided as standard. The pulling bar ensures the cage can be easily pulled into position by one person and a recent redesign makes it even easier to install than previously. There are no complicated installation processes to follow.

Four or six swivel puncture-proof foam-fill wheels and two fixed wheels are provided which allow easy movement when combined with the pull bar.

A piece of black knotted 2.5mm net is also included, meaning the package provides for your club’s complete net requirements.


The Pro Mobile cricket cage comes in two sizes, giving more choice and flexibility depending on your requirements.

Options are 7.12m long by 3m high by 3.66m wide or 10.66m long by 3m high by 3.66m wide.

But what if the Pro Mobile cricket cage isn’t quite what you need? Then the Club Mobile cricket net should be just what you need.

It’s a budget option ready for club use, measuring 7.12m or 10.66m long but it is narrower than and not quite as high as the Pro Mobile cage.