We redesigned our Mobile Cricket Cover in 2015, adding more protection by covering more of the bowlers’ run-ups in addition to the square so the covers now measure 24 metres in total.

These domed shape cricket covers are becoming a common sight on cricket grounds throughout the country – from village cricket grounds to Test and international cricket stadiums.

An important benefit of the cover is its ease of manoeuvrability. It can be pushed on and off of the square by one person, saving time and effort and keeping the square as dry as possible.

This time saving could well be the difference between getting a game back on later on and even getting a game played to a finish.

Our covers are manufactured to order, comprising three lightweight units which are easy to put together so they are ready to use very quickly.


How are the covers made?

The covers come in two parts, the chassis and the cover tops. The chassis consists of 2mm folded steel and an arch support system is created from 25mm tubing. This is galvanised to prevent rust. Ridge poles strengthen the structure and give more protection from the elements. Plastic moulded bungee fixings offer more protection from the threat of rust.

The cover tops are made from 610 gsm heavyweight material with a welded flap for joining the two units. They can be supplied in green, white and blue with a sponsor’s logo area available if required. If you want another colour, please ask!


What else is included?

Your set of covers comes with 75 metres of tricoflex hose and other spare parts and extra hoses are available from stock. Optional extras to give even more protection such as bowlers’ run-up sheets and wicket protection are also available.

A 10-year steel guarantee comes as standard and the tyres are foam-filled to prevent against punctures.