Cricket scoreboards are an essential part of any club’s equipment, and help anybody very quickly work out what is happening at any time in a game.

It is therefore vital to have one that works seamlessly, is clear for all to see and gives everybody the information they need to see.

At the very least, that will be the current score, number of overs bowled but scoreboards can now show all sorts of information, including the Duckworth/Lewis par score, not that we’re going to try to explain how that one is worked out!

Durant Cricket’s range of scoreboards includes everything your club may need so whether you are looking for an electronic or manual scoreboard, they will have something to fit the bill.

“We’re able to deliver the complete scoreboard solution whether you’re looking for a standard scoreboard or something bespoke,” Cristian Durant, company founder says.

ECS, their specialist scoreboard division, supplies the range of five available electronic scoreboards – the DC9, DC15, DC19, DC22, and DC28.

The numbers refer to how many digits are displayed on the scoreboard. The DC9, for example, displays nine digits – runs (three digits), wickets (one digits) overs (two digits) and 1st innings score (three digits).

These scoreboards are made up of 12-inch ultra-bright LED digits which are housed in a powder-coated aluminium surround which is covered with vandal-proof lexan front. They are controlled wirelessly via an LCD console and can be viewed from a distance of 183 metres away.

You can also mount Durant scoreboards on trolleys that with wheels so you can quickly and easily store them away to keep them safe and out of the way when play has finished.

Durant also offer ‘repeater’ scoreboards. These are small displays that are mounted inside the clubhouse which take a feed from the main scoreboard, meaning anybody inside can also see what is happening in the middle.

Also on offer from Durant is a custom scoreboard design and build service to make sure you get exactly the right scoreboard options for your club. This will also include basic training in scoreboard operation.