There will come a time when any cricket net will need its netting replacing. Net doesn’t last forever and nets are used throughout the season, leading to inevitable wear and tear.

Durant Cricket has the perfect solution with their custom replacement netting, part of their ground equipment accessory range of products.

You provide the precise requirements, and Durant will cut, trim and finish the net as you specify. We supply net of the highest quality and exact sizing allows for drape if required.

The net we provide is heavyweight 16z polypropylene netting and you can choose from white, black or green. It is a 50mm mesh with 1.8mm diameter strand and we sell by the square metre.

An indoor netting service is also available and we can fit netting to existing trackway.

If you have a mobile cricket cage, we can also fit netting replacement netting to these as well.

Other netting options Durant have available are ball stop netting, throw-down or fielding practice nets and anti-vermin skirts for cricket nets.

Ball stop netting prevents balls from going missing, from those travelling along the ground headed for undergrowth or ditches, and those in the air that might be threatening gardens, fields and parked cars.

The throw-down/fielding practice net keeps balls close to players during fielding practice and stops disruption of other teams and drills. The net consists of four wooden poles, guy ropes, runners and pegs and one piece of 16z netting measuring 20m by 3.15m.

Anti-vermin skirts are attached to existing nets. They are 5000mm high, can be provided in black or green and protect against vermin which can attack the bottom of cricket nets. The skirts are supplied as a DIY attachment.