Durant Cricket has become synonymous with cricket ground equipment and this is their speciality.

Individual products are always available but packages for clubs are also available to offer value for money.

No club could play without pitch covers and sightscreens – rain would soon ruin playing surfaces without covers, with the result that fixtures would be cancelled and revenues lost.

Similarly, there won’t be many – if any – batsmen who would volunteer to take strike without a sightscreen. For clubs, it is essential that sightscreens are robust and easy to move into position between overs as well as before and after games.

While not the most essential piece of kit, boundary rope is a useful addition to any ground. It always makes a good impression and Durant not only supply rope but a boundary rope winder for ease of storage.

You can purchase Durant’s mobile cricket covers as they are or if you choose, there are a number of accessories available – side sheets, bowler’s run-up sheets and a BowDry water remover.

The BowDry water remover is revolutionary. This drying machine is an effective and efficient tool for removing standing water from cricket grounds – or any other surface that is saturated.ALL ABOUT…DURANT CRICKET GROUND EQUIPMENT

Boasting a water collection rate of 60 litres per minute, it is a lightweight piece of equipemnt, making it easy to use, transport and store.

Durant’s range of sightscreens comprises mesh roller sightscreens and a range of poly sightscreens in different sizes to suit clubs’ individual requirements.

In addition, Durant can offer packages that combine sightscreens and covers enabling clubs to make a saving by buying both at the same time.

Plus, clubs can buy the boundary rope winder and two sets of boundary rope as a package.