A cricket ground without boundary rope would be a very strange thing indeed and it is one more essential piece of equipment that every club needs.

Every cricketer will identify with the sight of the ball bobbling (or sailing) over the rope to mark a four or six being scored, their reaction depending on whether they are batting or fielding at the time.

Durant Cricket now provide high quality cricket boundary rope as part of their extensive range of ground equipment accessories available to clubs.

Two 220 metre coils will go around a standard cricket pitch and the rope is available in three sizes: 24mm, 28mm and 32mm.

The rope itself is made from polypropylene and is a plaited eight strand construction with PVC covered eyes.

In the winter, when no boundaries will be scored, the boundary rope should ideally be stored and Durant Cricket offer a boundary rope winder as an ideal solution for storing your rope neatly throughout the season as well as during the colder months.

It also means the rope can be kept away from the cold weather so it is ready to use when things get warmer.

The boundary rope winder is designed to hold up to two 220m coil ropes.